The Hunt is Now Over

#MOAHeritageHunt Participation Prizes

Check out all the additional ways you can win prizes!

These challenges are social media based, so make sure that you tag us in order to win! All you have to do is:

  1. Complete the challenge
  2. Snap a photo & upload it to social media
  3. Tag us @MuseOntArch
  4. AND - use the appropriate hashtag as listed below. Don’t forget to include your Team Name in your post.
  5. AND - add the #MOAHeritageHunt to each post

It’s that easy!

Make sure your post settings are set to public so we can view your entries.

To make things easier, copy & paste the hashtags listed below in your post:

  • Best Adventure Outfit; Adult = #MOAAdultOutfit
  • Best Adventure Outfit; Child = #MOAKidOutfit
  • Best Adventure Outfit; Pet = #MOAPetOutfit
  • Best Adventure Dog = #MOADog
  • Best Air Musician = #MOAMusician
  • Best Adventure Wagon = #MOABestRide
  • Future Archaeologist (Baby/Baby Bump) = #MOABabyBump
  • Future Archaeologist (Youth) = #MOAArchaeologist
  • Future Historian (Youth) = #MOAHistorian
  • Future Naturalist (Youth) = #MOANaturalist
  • Best Smile/Selfie (Youth) = #MOABestSmile
  • Best Picnic = #MOAPicnic


Here is our #TeamMOA entry for #MOAPetOutfit #MOAHeritageHunt @museontarch

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